Hello, readers and sewing enthusiasts! My name is Lisa. I have been sewing for around 30 years, starting either at the end of middle school or the beginning of high school.In 1995, I got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Romance languages (you know, Italian, Spanish, etc.) from the University of Oregon in Eugene, where I lived from the mid-1970’s until 2000, when I moved to Portland. I graduated in 2004 with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in apparel design from the Art Institute of Portland. I learned to do design, illustration, pattern making, draping, better sewing, and presentations. I learned a lot more reading fashion-incubator.com.

I’ve lived in Oregon all my life. From 2002 until 2016, I was married to a guy who has two great kids, now 18 and 20.  I left him at the end of 2014, and have been living with my mother ever since. I love cats and other than designing and sewing, etc., I watch movies, cook (with as many natural ingredients as possible), see my friends’ bands, read books as much as I can, study Hebrew, and shop a lot at Goodwill.

I really love to sew. I’ve done many costumes for medieval and Renaissance re-enactors, some Steampunk and other non-historical costumes. I also make regular clothes. My custom-made clothing and costume business is Far Above Rubies Clothing & Costume, which I’ve been running since 2005.

This blog is about stuff I’ve been sewing and how to do it yourself.  While I might not do everything the “right” way (because there can be more than one right way to accomplish the same result), I have many good methods.  No you have to do it this way or else.  But I’ve been doing this for quite a long time.  I hope you find my blog informative and useful, no matter how long you have been sewing or how young or old you are.  I always welcome comments and suggestions.


2 responses to “About

  1. Sandy

    Hi Lisa, it’s nice to meet you and read your blog. I just read your curtains tutorial post and I love your fabric choices.
    I tried to make curtains for a sliding door a few years ago and the lining didn’t hang as nice as I would like. I wouldn’t call the project a success.
    Thankyou for the great show and tell on making beautiful curtains.
    It was fun to read your profile above. You have an impressive background and education.
    I found your blog through Fashion Incubator. I Have so much to learn from these 2 great web places, and you and Kathleen.
    Thankyou for the tutorials.

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