Sewing tips 2

Here are some more sewing tips. (Edit: here’s part one.)

Most of the time, you’re going to use thread that’s called “all-purpose” or “sew-all” thread.  It’s all polyester or polyester wrapped with cotton.  This works with most fabrics.  Some people have been told to match the fiber of the thread to the fiber of the fabric, but you can’t do that…rayon thread is for embroidery and doesn’t have the strength to hold up to someone wearing the item, all-cotton thread is for quilting, I don’t think they make linen thread, lots of silk thread is for basting, etc.

When you are trying to match the color of the thread to the color of your fabric, and your fabric is a solid color, if you can’t find a perfect match, go with a darker shade.  If you use a lighter shade it will be obvious.  The darker shade will blend in better.  If you have a print or a plaid, pick a color that matches the dominant color in the fabric.

When you’re sewing a curved seam, don’t pull it straight to sew in a straight line.  Guide the fabric along the curve.  If you pull it straight, it will get distorted.

Pin perpendicular to the edge of the fabric.  Don’t sew through the pins.  You might break the pin or your needle, which might hit your eye.  Ick.  A friend of mine had a piece of the needle go into her open mouth.  She was OK, but I’d rather it not happen to anyone else.

When you are cutting, don’t cut in the air.  Leave the pattern and fabric flat on the table.  Hold your scissors so they’re perpendicular to the table and the larger side of the handle rests on the table.



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6 responses to “Sewing tips 2

  1. RO

    Thanks for these tips!! They were very helpful 😀

  2. RO

    Ohhhh and ICK indeed….. I had a broken needle because of a pin once! Not pretty!

  3. You’re welcome! I added the link to the part one of the sewing tips above.

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