Busy, busy, busy…

Hello!  I’ve been super busy lately and forgot to get my hide over here to blog.  Otherwise, why bother having a blog?  Anyway, I finished the prototype of a suit jacket for a friend.  It has 75 pattern pieces.  Before you say, “Whoa!” or “How the heck does a suit jacket have that many pieces?”, there are 2 sets of pieces for the sleeves because my friend has one arm longer than the other, and there are separate pieces for the lining and the interfacing.  Having separate interfacing pieces is what you do but it also makes it easier to cut.  And the lining pieces are actually slightly different from the shell (shell means the outer, main fabric).

I have been making some costumes for people and I draped a sheet on a woman so I could help her make a pattern for a polonaise (18th and 19th C. bodice with an attached skirt).

I also just started teaching a few people how to sew.  Tonight was our second session so we practiced plain seams, clean finish seams, bias-bound seams, and French seams.


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