Ruffler attachment

I got a ruffler attachment for my sewing machine: 

Here is a pic:

The Janome ruffler attachment. I do not support or endorse the website from which this was taken.

Kinda weird looking, huh?  The part at the lower left is where it snaps into the shank, where you attach a foot like normal.  The screw on the upper let adjusts the plate at the lower left center to let the needle pass through.  The black hook at upper center hooks onto the screw where you unscrew to take out a needle.  The numbered job at the upper right is stitch interval, so the mechanism at the lower right and lower center will push the fabric into a little pleat every 1, 6, or 12 stitches.  The screw at right center adjusts the depth of each pleat from 2 to 8 mm.  The lower center part is where you feed the fabric in and it pushes the fabric.

Depending on how you adjust the interval, depth, and the stitch length (using only a straight/running stitch), you get from what looks really a lot like regular gathers, which are close, shallow pleats, to very nice row of deep pleats.  I made a bunch of samples.  I’ll take pix and post whenever it is that I can.

I’ve been working on getting my costume and my sister’s costume ready for a Steampunk Ball we’re going to.  I just have to finish my under skirt.  I made my sister’s patterns and she did the sewing, but I had to fix some spots and do the buttonholes.  I also am going to be working on several items to put in a Steampunk fashion show next month.  I have been taking pix of my costume but I forgot on the skirt…but I can do sketches of that…it is easy to make.

The ruffler has been fun, but you have to sew really slowly…I put the motor speed on my machine from fastest to slowest so I don’t overdo it.  It is a time saver even though you have to go slowly…if you’re doing a lot of ruffles, it’s worth it.  Regular price was $89.95 from the sewing machine store but I was able to get it on sale for something like $64.

[5/23/14]  Here is a photo of the ruffler in action, rufflling a strip of fabric that has already been hemmed.

The ruffler attachment pleating a strip of silk

The ruffler attachment pleating a strip of silk

You can also do an image search on Google by typing in “Janome ruffler attachment.”


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