Texprocess Americas Expo

First of all, if you aren’t reading Fashion Incubator yet, you should be.

Secondly, I went to the 2012 Texprocess Americas expo in Atlanta at the end of April.  It was the same expo as the SPESA one I went to in 2010, just different management.  It was pretty much the same vendors and kind of overwhelming because of the number of them.  But the people at Siruba (industrial sewing machines) demonstrated their overlock, buttonhole, welt pocket, and flat felled seam machines for us.  The Preco Golden Laser people demonstrated their laser cutting machine and the TukaTech people demonstrated their pattern making software.  I’m probably forgetting someone.  I got to see Kathleen and Eric again and met some new people from the Fashion Incubator forum.  Kathleen demonstrated the Stylecad pattern making software on her laptop for us.  Each night, we had dinner together, first at Truva (Turkish/Mediterranean and really good), then Peasant Bistro (ok but small portions), then Thrive (pretty good American and Japanese mixture).  Food was expensive and drinks were worse, compared with Portland prices.  But I also got to have Chik-Fil-A.

I didn’t buy anything at the expo but later ordered some pattern making tools and a nice sewing lamp from SouthStar and a sewing hammer.  I still want to get a Philocraft cutting table, a dress form, preferably from Alvanon, an industrial lockstitch machine, a blind hemmer machine, and a roll of oak tag aka manila for patterns.  (Alvanon has really good dress forms.  They have this sort of foam under the cloth so they feel more like a real body and you can still pin into them.  They come in different sizes, genders, and age/size groups and you can get arms for them, too.  They’re pricey.  They have a less expensive line with fewer features called Alvaform Studio.)

Here are pictures from my trip.  Most of them are of the view from my hotel room and the Centennial Olympic Park.  I didn’t really take pix at the expo.

My first dinner there, salmon, spinach, and rice at Truva.

Xochil and her dinner at Truva (sorry, not a great pic of her).

One of the views from my hotel room. I was staying in the huge and posh Omni Hotel.

Another view of Atlanta at night.

Still another view of Atlanta at night from my hotel room.

This hotel is posh.

A view from the window in the hallway.

People on the escalator. Most of the men (exhibitor or attendee) were wearing navy blue suits and light blue dress shirts. Hmm…

Our 2nd dinner: Xochil, a lady whose name I can’t remember, one of the Peterson boys, Carrie, and Gretchen.

Our 2nd dinner: Judy, Bente, Sandy, and her daughter.

Our 2nd dinner: one of the Peterson boys, Carrie, Gretchen, the other Peterson boy, and Lisa (not yours truly…I didn’t get any pix of me).

Atlanta in the early morning, another view from my room.

Same as above, different angle.

Siruba buttonhole machine. What looks like the front is the side and you sit at what looks like the side.

Siruba flat fell machine that uses 6 threads.

Centennial Olympic Park: some kind of evergreen tree.

Centennial Olympic Park: the torch.

Centennial Olympic Park: a rock fountain

Centennial Olympic Park: another view of the rock fountain

Centennial Olympic Park: another view of the rock fountain.

Centennial Olympic Park: a bush with long white flower stalks.

Centennial Olympic Park: a gardenia bush.

Centennial Olympic Park: close-up of the gardenia. They really do smell really good.

Centennial Olympic Park: a tile fountain with the tiles in a Greek-style pattern.

Centennial Olympic Park: a detail of the tile fountain.

Centennial Olympic Park: a bush with another type of long white flower stalk.

Centennial Olympic Park: a view from the cafe.

Centennial Olympic Park: one of the dolphins near the aquarium.

Centennial Olympic Park: another dolphin at the aquarium.

Centennial Olympic Park: some white flowers I don’t know the name of.

Centennial Olympic Park: deep pink roses that somehow turned out neon.

Centennial Olympic Park: some pink and yellow flowers.

Centennial Olympic Park: yellow flowers.

Centennial Olympic Park: three little birds.


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