May update


Hello, everyone!  I have been really bad about editing photos and writing stuff on this blog.  I’m really trying to get over myself so I can be more productive and better manage my time.

I’m still dealing with the extended tendon in my foot.

I’m currently working on a couple of garments this week I hope to have done in time to enter in our county fair (it does seem really early in the year to have a county fair, but our county is, if not 100% urban, at least mostly so) and taking apart a suit jacket my friend and I got at the Goodwill for $9.99.  I just took apart part of the left sleeve and looked at and measured it (both lining and shell) and took 2 pages of notes on just that left sleeve.  I’ve been taking photos as I go along of that and the shirt I’m sewing.

I have to start thinking of stuff for a Steampunk fashion show at a convention in August.

And my husband and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary.

I went to the Texprocess convention in April in Atlanta (2 years ago it was SPESA, same thing) and came home with 5 reusable tote bags and some other goodies and ate some wonderful food.  I’m working on getting some machines and tools for sewing and pattern making that I’ve needed for a long time.  You can see these two entries from and for stuff you should have if you’re making patterns and sewing.

More later, as soon as I can.  I plan to keep you updated and informed on sewing as much as I can.




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