My Wedding Gown

I just found the CD of photos my uncle took at my wedding, which was on May 4th, 2002.  It was the only thing I could upload to Picasa since I still don’t have access to my other photos or a way to edit anything (even though I can edit in Picasa).  So I put up the photos but here are the ones showing my gown.  I will add more when I can.  I designed and did most of the sewing on my gown.  I designed and did a lot of sewing on the bridesmaids’ and mothers’ and flower girl’s gowns, too.  The fabric is duppioni silk.

Rob and Lisa

Me and my husband leaving the stage, you can see most of the dress with the long coat with train over it.

Rob and Lisa and Jonathon the best man

Here is the front of the dress without the veil and long coat.

The center front piece of the bodice and the center of the underskirt are duppioni silk of the same ivory but with flowers woven in.  I don’t have a good photo of that right now.

The mothers’ and bridesmaids’ dresses are simpler than mine, as you can see my mom’s in the photo below.

all of us

My nephew Devin, his mom my sister Lydia, my sister Fiona, me, my mom Paula, and my grandma Jinny (RIP 11/22/09)

I was inspired by 18th Century costumes.  The bodices are self-lined (meaning they are lined with the same silk as the dresses), but the only other thing that is lined isn’t really lined: my sleeves have a stay that is a normal sleeve shape to hold up the poof of the outer sleeve.  The long coat isn’t black; it’s really dark green.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  No, they weren’t hard to do, but I was going to school full time.


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  1. RB

    what a beautiful dress!

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