Miscellaneous ramblings about sewing

I showed my mom some things about sewing.  She sews but always does the quick-and-dirty version.  She wants to help with any production sewing.  I might have some coming up soon.  I kept the samples of various sewing operations from school.  I showed her all of that.  I couldn’t find my samples from couture sewing techniques class, but I just found them.  My favorite was the hand-picked zipper.  I’ll do that and take photos and do the other zipper things after I do the post about facings.  I have the photos, but like I said, I don’t have a way to get them onto the computer yet.  I’ll have to do one about bias-bound and Hong Kong/Chanel finish seams and other stuff.  I’ll put photos up of the vest and Victorian stuff, too, when I’m able.

It doesn’t matter if you want to sew for a business or just for yourself, you should know how to sew all kinds of things.  It’s good practice.  If you can sew but can’t figure out patterns, some of it is just drawing straight lines, but you can get textbooks on pattern making.  If you still can’t get that but you can sew, it’s okay.

Some sewing methods are for inexpensive items of lower quality; some are for expensive items of higher quality; some are for everything in between.  It depends on what you want to make.

Always check out Fashion Incubator.  There are tons of entries on sewing, marketing, production, business, and other categories related to sewing anything that’s a sewn item, not just clothing.

I’m trying to post things anyway, just so you know I’m still around.  🙂


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