What I’ve been doing lately

Hi!  I have had a host of computer issues.  The hard drive with all my photos that aren’t still in my camera broke before I could make a backup.  My husband thinks he can fix it, though.  We broke one laptop, but it was old anyway.  Then the main computer didn’t like the new RAM and now it won’t turn on.  Now we have another of the same laptop.  I still don’t have Photoshop so I can edit photos.

In October, we went on a trip to Israel.

Then I was sick with a horrible mold-induced sinus thing.

I’ve been writing, reading, and sewing.  I am working on a waistcoat for my husband like the ones they wear in the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World with Russell Crowe.  Only it’s not naval buff, it’s black duppioni silk.  I’m working on another 1880’s polonaise and skirt combo, just finished the skirt.  I have to get photos of the first one, too.  I only have to make a buttonhole and sew the button on a cream cotton blazer.  And I was almost done with a blouse I designed, but the sleeves need some extra work.  And working on a prototype of a toddler smock/bib combo for someone, my least favorite project.

I hope all these issues to be resolved soon so I can put more photos up.


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